The Differences and Similarities between Bongs and Vaporizers

The Differences and Similarities between Bongs and Vaporizers

There is a huge debate that is going on at the moment when talking about buying a vaporizer or bong. The bong vs. vaporizer debate has been going on for years now and it is really hard to come to a conclusion. We will try to explain the most important parts of bongs and vaporizers so that we can then decide together what the best solution is in your case. It is a good idea to consider both options before you automatically dismiss one.

What Is A Bong?

When you look at articles about bongs and vaporizers, you will notice that bongs are also known as popper bottles, water pipes, moofs, bewgs or bubblers. We can define the bong as being a filtration apparatus that is usually used to smoke tobacco, cannabis or various herbal substances.

What most people miss in the bong vs. vaporizer debate is the fact that the bong is really similar to the hookah. The only real difference stands in the fact that it is a lot more portable and way smaller. The bong can be easily constructed at home and there are even online tutorials that can be utilized. It is necessary to have water and air tight vessels, a bowl and also a slide or stem apparatus. The stem apparatus is responsible for guiding air below water level. The bubbles will go up while used.

Fresh air is put into the bong through a hole and another one named carburetor, choke, rush, bink or carb is leading towards the under water level. The rush is kept covered and then opened. Smoke is thus delivered to the respiratory system.

What Is A Vaporizer?

We cannot talk about choosing a bong or vaporizer without defining the vaporizer. This is an apparatus that is utilized in order to extract plant material active ingredients for inhalation purposes. The most common plants used are tobacco, cannabis and some blends or herbs. So when you look at it, they’re both used for the same things.

A vaporizer has been created in order to offer an alternative to smoking. Through its use the production of carcinogenic and toxic products is avoided as the active compounds will boil off in vapors. There is no combustion and this basically means that no smoke appears. The vapor that is inhaled does not contain tar or particulate matter and the noxious gas concentration is always really low.

There are various extraction chamber forms that are used and this includes venture, bore or even sequential venture. The most common materials utilized are glass and metal. Vapor that is extracted can be collected in inflatable bags, jars or inhaled through a pipe or hose. There is basically little to no smoke being produced and a cooler temperature appears. The effect of “smoking” through the vaporizer is obtained without harmful regular smoking effects. Secondhand smoke is basically eliminated completely.

Bong Vs Vaporizer

Making a choice and talking about vaporizer vs bong is quite difficult. As you can easily notice from the description of the two devices, the two devices are similar and have the exact same purpose. The only difference that appears is the fact that the vaporizer does not actually burn the plants used while the bong does create smoke.

At first glance, the bong or vaporizer debate is solved by deciding that the vaporizer is the best option as it has some extra advantages. However, there are many people that simply say the feeling that they get from using the bong is superior. We can say that everything boils down to a personal choice as both bongs and vaporizers are similar. It is quite difficult to choose vaporizer or bong because you will be hit with various opinions by people that are fans of one of the two.

The Middle Solution – Vaporizer Bong

A new device was created with the purpose of fixing this bong vs. vaporizer debate. The vaporizer bong is basically the same thing as a bong but smoke is eliminated by adding elements that are common to the vaporizer. This is an option that you should take into account in the event that you cannot decide whether to buy bong or vaporizer.

Some people do complain with the vaporizer bong that it is too similar to a bong but it does not offer the same satisfaction. It is difficult to make a choice but you should take this option into account. At least try it once and then you will see if you like the sensation.

Choosing Vaporizer or Bong

We are sure that you already realized the fact that choosing between bongs and vaporizers is a really personal decision. It is really hard to recommend just one because nobody can be really objective. The best thing that you can do is to try the bongs and vaporizers and then see exactly what you like. Just talk with friends that have such tools and give them a go. You will surely be able to make up your mind after that.

Where to Buy Bongs and Vaporizers?

This is quite a common problem. We have noticed thousands of people that want vaporizer or bong but have no idea where to buy them from. This usually happens because of the fact that they believe using or owning one is illegal. That is definitely false information.

The good news is that you can find bong or vaporizer in the same shops. In most cases a store that sells one also has the other one in stock. Our recommendation is to also look online at the various shops that sell smoking related apparatus and gadgets. The price that you would end up paying will be lower and there is a much bigger diversity possible. This basically means that you can easily choose between hundreds of models. Just make sure that you also consider the shipping and handling costs, especially when you buy a vaporizer or bong from a store that ships from another country. In this case the shipping and handling can even go up to around 30 dollars.


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